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Spiderman, Thanos y la Capitana Marvel cobran vida en estos impresionantes ejemplos de body paint

La diseñadora de vestuario y cosplayer Kay Pike ha vuelto a sorprender con tres impresionantes resultados relacionados con Marvel Comics después de haber pintado sobre su cuerpo.

En su página de Instagram, Pike ha compartido vídeos y fotografías de un impresionante ejercicio de body painting en 2D con el que ThanosSpiderman y la Capitana Marvel (entre otros personajes) parecen cobrar vida directamente desde las páginas de los cómics.

Podéis ver los increíbles resultados a continuación.

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Spiderman Paint streamed last night from ! Peter Parker what a goof. Sorry about going down for a few hours yesterday there! We are pioneers on the internet, the staff got it all sorted out and there are many mutual loves ^ ^ In fact, shoutout: MonkeyOnStrike had the idea to poll which bodypaint I should do this week! Going shopping tomorrow so get your votes in! Boy oh boy this was the learning experience, @lustredust came over to do another tandem paint! She did a Carnage!  it’s a beautiful paint, please check it out! I tried some new kinds of paint and am experimenting with three different brands right now. The learning curve is wicked steep with this game. OH actually got the bald cap on properly this time, AND had way more success in the androgyny department. #spiderman #amazingspiderman #peterparker #dailybugle @marvel #twitchcreative @twitch  #video #chat #makeup #bodypaint #bodyart @mehronmakeup @marvel.arts @marvel_pics @marvel_entertainment #marvel #marvelcomics #yyc @monkeyonstrike

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Captian Marvel Bodypaint! Why Carol? she looks like my friend De <3 <3  From my Twitch Stream last nigt :3 Friendship is magic guys. Im a little overly critical of this one, I rushed the bust down, because 10pm ha. Im tyring to practice a spandex glow without being symetrical….. But thats okay were our own worst critics. Had fun as usual. Thanks again for everyone who kept me from quitting when the paint was flaking, and not going on opaique. I was table flipping and you took me back down to bob ross mode :) You guys are awesome. I learned alot as usual. Including how to get my hair on top of my head. Holy jeebus super major props to all hairstylists out there. Like people take three foot long hair and do this on a daily basis. Toats willing to work with any hairstylists in YYC that want to save me 2 hours of my life for promotion. #carol #marvel #cartoon #comic #twitchcreative #twitch #stream #livestream #bodypainting #effort #makeup #excitement #video #chat #streaming #nervous #entertaining #tips #conversation #allday #friendship @twitch @marvel #captianmarvel #pvc #spandex #costume #yyc #hair #fauxhawk

Un vídeo publicado por Kay Pike (@kaypikefashion) el